Dear Visionary, 
                    If you only knew my story. As you look at the picture on the left you might say that young woman looks fine. She's not overweight. She doesn’t seem to be stressed. You would never suspect that she'd been mentally or emotionally abused. Don't ever assume by thelooks of a picture that everything is as good as the photo portrays. I look at that photo and see a lost and confused woman who wants to fit in the crowd. To know the obstacles, the distractions, the hurt, the disappointments and sadness I overcame in such a short amount of time makes me even more proud of where I am now in my life. I look at the picture on the right and now identify myself as a woman. No longer a naive young woman, but a woman with newness — a new outlook, new goals, a new love for herself. I have become a woman that stands with her head high, proud of her walk in life and unashamed of her past. I know I’m still growing, but now I see nothing but victory ahead and doors of abundance getting ready to open. Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever let the strongholds keep you down. If I can transform you can as well. 

Crystal Williams
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